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Re: [IP] Re: Sugar and More Sugar

email @ redacted wrote:
Me too! I'm really a little tired of people saying we cant do this or that,
and half the time it's Diabetics doing the talking! ......
But with living  comes responsibility--use common sense because you
are still dealing with diabetes. ..........

I have to concur with the above statement. If Diabetes is holding you back, 
then you are not living. We all make choices in life, some good, some bad, 
and some we wish we didn't have to make. Whether you are on the pump or not, 
in your life you still have to make choices. I do not think that anyone is 
suggesting you eat only junk food. But you do have the choice to snack and 
you are the one who has to choose what, how much and deal with any 
consequences. The thing is, it is the same for non-diabetics, or should be. 
I have been diabetic for 9 years now. I do not, under any circumstances, 
proclaim to know anything. I do know that I am the one who is responsible for 
what I do, what I eat and who I am. This has been drilled into me most of my 
life. I am a large person. Okay, I will go one better, I am a fat person. I 
have always been fat. But most of the time I eat the same, if not less than 
many regular people. Yet, i have to deal wtih the stares if I should choose 
to have a small ice cream while on vacation. I do not eat ice cream that much 
due to not only the sugar, (which doesn't affect me that much due tothe 
protein and fat in the ice cream), but due to the fact that I am allergic to 
dairy in it.
I guess what I am saying, it that all my life, I have been judged by what I 
eat or do not eat. If I choose to have a chocolate bar, it is my choice, I 
have to deal with it, and any resulting consequences. I am not making you eat 
it. I am not hurting you, therefore, do not judge me. If you forever deny 
yourself something you find joy in (as long as it is not illegal), then why 
live. Just choose wisely for your situation.
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