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Re: [IP] Sugar and more Sugar

 NOPE before I went on the pump I ate anything and everything I wanted it just
meant having 10+ shots a day, but it didn't matter I'm not about to give up the
foods I like just because I have D - it was a pain in the butt to have to take
so many shots but Ita killed me to not eat.

 Now I eat what I want and bolus, easier and I'm still happily fed - and believe
you me I eat, In high school I used to go through the cafeteria line 3-4 for
lunch - the first time through for my order of chicken fingers(with sweet and
sour sauce) and fries (with extra gravy), then agian to get my bag of chips and
chocolate bar -then again for the candy and then for what ever else they had.

 If I stop eating, and by that I mean eat what a normal person eats in a day
(which I occasionally do because of my GERD) I can lose 15+ pounds in a matter
of 2 weeks no problem - which is bad cause I'm 5' 7" and regularily 130 pounds.
 You only live this life once, enjoy it and EAT what you want. I say this as I
debate whether I should walk to the store to buy my box of chips and tub of
garlic dip, MMmmmmmm - and I eat it ALL in one sitting!!

 I do eat a ton of fruit and veggies too, I eat my share of healthy foods and
then more then my share of not so healthy. I'll probably have a heart attack in
the next few years and regret it but oh well.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> >>Because think about it, if at anytime a person needs to get off 
> the pump for
> >>what ever reason and go back to shots, the days of eating 
> whatever you desire
> >>will get you. 
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