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Re: [IP] Site changes

> I have been on the Minimed Paradigm since January of this year (2003).  One
> question I have about site change is this--what do you do when it's been 3
> days since a site change and your reservoir still has a significant amount
> of insulin in it?  From all I've learned thus far, it seems most people
> change everything (infusion, tubing, and reservoir) out every 2 to 3 days.
> I have been changing my infusion set every 3 days, but it seems my reservoir
> will last 4 days or so.  If I changed the reservoir out every 3 days as
> well, I would end up throwing away a lot of insulin.  Any ideas or
> suggestions?
> Terry Barnard

I also have the paradigm and I usually change it every 3 days but not
always.  You can put just enough insulin in the reservoir for only 3 days
you do not have to fill it up. (If you use 40 units in a day then only put
120 in the reservoir (after priming) for example).  But me I like to because
it depends on how much I eat (if it is a chocolate day) on how much I use
per day. If I have enough insulin left and the site is not bothering me I
will leave it in and change on day 4. Yes they say that you should not do
this but as long as my site is good (not itching or red) I have had no
problems with this yet (knock on wood) this is a YMMV thing.
I also did this in desperation because my insurance company only will allow
me to have 10 sets per month which leaves no extras for when the site does
not work and you have to change sooner. (I was trying to create a couple of
extra sets for just in case, which I have needed a time or two.)
I do hope that this information helps.
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