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Re: [IP] Re: Who should be doing the work?

Hey Jan,

  Just so you know, Josh has daily chores he is required to do, he does his 
own laundry...most of the time,... he clears the table and fills the 
dishwasher, he has been known to vacuum, atleast his room and the family 
room, just can't get him to even THINK about doing his bathroom....LOL...so 
this kid is well on his way to knowing what to do when he gets older.  Dad is 
starting to teach him how to cook too...dad is a much better cook than 
me...there I admit it!!!!!  Oh, and Josh enjoys helping with the grocery 
shopping and is really good at price comparison AND reading labels for 
nutrition content too....Oh and for those that don't know us, My Joshua is 
11.5, was dxd at 5.5, and started pumping at 8.

mom to Joshua
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