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Re: [IP] Site changes

Terry,  my son Joshua, age 11.5, is the pumper.  We change his site every 
FIVE days and usually his cartridge will go 5-7.  He is on the Dis H-Tron+ 
and use MM Quick Sets.  We just do the site change , disconnect the new 
tubing and connect up the old tubing.  Simple.  I have a small box FULL of 
unused tubings...I'm seriously considering mailing them in to MM with the 
explanation of how the tubing does not get used.  I don't do a home garden 
anymore so I won't be using the tubing for tying up tomatoes or anything.  
But I might be able to use them for my 5 foot tall gladiolas.....shoot, guess 
I'll keep the tubings to use them for that!!!

Anyway, if you look in the archives you will see LOTS of discussions on 
different uses for the unused tubing that everyone comes up with.  NOT 
changing the cartridge at every site change is the 'norm' for 'most' people, 
I think!!!!  Why waste all that tubing that can obviously be used for other 
things....and why waste the insulin or worry about transferring it into 
another cartridge.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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