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[IP] Re: Sugar and More Sugar was Fastest Site Change

Me too!  I'm really a little tired of people saying we cant do this or that,
and half the time it's Diabetics doing the talking!
I have noticed my last two Educators have actually had the attitude that we
need to live like we have a pump, and quit worrying about every little thing.
But with living that way comes responsibility--use common sense because you
are still dealing with diabetes.
I frankly may have to leave some other web sites (not this one!) because I
cant handle people who believe everything they read or hear.  We have to do
our homework, and check things out for ourselves using our brain and then we
should be able to decide what we can do or wont do (YMMV).
I guess it comes with being a Type I for 32 years, but I don't take anyone's
word for anything anymore.
And if I want real chocolate, it's better for me than that fake stuff!
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