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Re: [IP] Sugar and more Sugar was Fastest site change

>>There is one thing I think a lot persons suffer from

what i suffer MOST from is being told, by other then my doctor, my mother, my
wife, or my CDE, "what I suffer from"

>>Because we are limited 

"WE"... I have NO limits.... NONE... NADA...

>>Because think about it, if at anytime a person needs to get off the pump for

>>what ever reason and go back to shots, the days of eating whatever you desire

>>will get you. 

AND, "That'll be the day, when i die" (or at least, the day before)
(may i again refer to "out of my cold dead hands")

maybe its just me... maybe im being too sensitive, or WORSE!!!!

chocolate, never get near the stuff (unless... im below 40)..... never could,

so i dont.... but... others, on this VERY site do, and..... IM (me, LEN...),

 am ok with what "THEY CAN DO"........and "WHAT THEY SHOULD or SHOULDN'T

ill never go anywhere, even close to there.....

 If im sounding too ignorant here... please let me know.......(off list
but, not required)

 hopefully, "thats all im gona say 'bout that" (but... im not promising
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