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[IP] Re: low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Ryan, i don't think it works the way you imagine.  The big problem 
with what you are saying is that there is a reservoir of insulin at 
the tip of the catheter.  Thus, when you stop the basal, you are 
still delivering insulin from this subcutaneous "reservoir".  So it 
takes a good while for a temp rate of zero to have much impact.   The 
size of this subcu reservoir is quite variable (a function of what is 
delivered, i.e., the basal rate and what is removed, i.e., the local 
blood flow), but could easily be as much as 5 U!  So even if you stop 
basal, you'll still have lots of insulin for several hours afterward. 
When you restart the basal, though, the opposite will happen, and 
you'll likely go a bit high till the reservoir builds back to its 
steady state volume.  This fact has been known for quite some time. 
Check out Diabetes Care 16:1-3,1993, if you still don't believe it.
p.s. a good analogy is with breathing, where there is a big reservoir 
of oxygen in the lungs, whose value depends on your breathing rate 
(bringing oxygen in) and the lung blood flow (which removes oxygen). 
If you stop breathing you can survive on the oxygen in the lungs for 
several minutes because of this reservoir.

<<<<<<<WHile it is true this method isn't as quick as treating it...it does
work effectively.
.., suspending (or better, using a temporary basal rate of 0)
takes effect immediately.  The only delay is the delay that it takes
for the insulin to start (or, in this case NOT start working) which is
on the order to 10-20 minutes.  And, in the case of Humalog, which has
its peak sooner than Novolog (Novolog is more an "even" curve), you
would see even faster results. Ryan>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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