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[IP] Re: who should be doing the work

When I was diagnosed at age 8, 40 years ago, I was not allowed to leave the 
hospital until I learned to fix my syringes and give my own shots.  Mom was 
not allowed to do it for me.  Yes, she had to learn but I had to do it!  Yes, 
I boiled those glass syringes by myself--with Mom supervising me at the 
stove, of course.  
So, the question is, are doctors more lax in their young patients learning to 
care for themselves or were we, as children--back then--tougher than today's 
kids?  Don't get me wrong, I admire those of you who have so much concern and 
love for your young diabetic children but do we not expect our kids to learn 
at a tender age to care for themselves because we don't think they can do it 
or is it that we want them to be dependent on us?  I don't know how you all 
handle it--don't know if I could considering I know what the pain can be 
like.  My heaert goes out to you all and my great admiration for all of you 
with those young ones!  Keep the faith and don't give up the fight against 
diabetes!  Someday--probably not in my lifetime--there will be a cure!!!!

Debbie and Maggie IP
dx 3/63 at age 8
pumping 3/00
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