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Re: [IP] bathing suits

 The swimming question ...... Is a good one I had the same question but came up
with I wear 2 piece too and I'm clipping it to the side of my suit.. And for the
1 piece suits, at the beach wear stores they have them with pockets which were
cute.... but not me... Summer dresses,I clipp it to my underwear or I have a
change purse with a decorative safety pin I pin it to what ever doesn't have
pockets or a place to clip too..Bonne' Cowger -Roszel

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Why can't you put the pump inside your swim suit? It's not going to look any
worse having a lump inside your suit (no comments from the peanut gallery)than 
a strap holding the pump outside of it would. =)


--- Holly wrote:
> My question to everyone is where do you put your pump when you swim? I have
> an
> Animas pump... If i wear a one piece batrhing suit, WHERE do i put the pump?
> I
> had to buy a 2 piece, so i could clip it on the bottom half, but what about
> my
> one piece? Also, what about summer dresses?
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