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Re: [IP] Re: Fastest site change (was supposed to be)

THIS WAS "Fastest site chage"

>The one thing to keep in mind are the blood glucose levels, if they are 
>continually low, perhaps the basal rates are too high, if they are constantly

>too high then the basals could be too low, as long as those sugars are 
>regulated, everyone will be a different amounts of insulin per day. 

NOW THERES SOMETHING, I SHOULD LEARN.... ah..... am i a dummy

>One thing also to keep in mind, just because we can bolus for what we eat,
>should always stay away from sugary foods, and high carbs, .  

PLE... im tryin...... im holdin back.... PLEH....ok.... i wont !!!!!

>I change my site about every 2 1/2 days if that makes you feel better, I 
>barely make it to the complete 3rd day.

>Best wishes. 

YEH... i feel much better NOW

BOY... that sure straightened me out, on "the fastest site change"......

FLAME or not..... personally, I DONT feel, that anyone, can come on this site,
and say
(its not my list, but, it is my feelings)

NOW... first... IMO, YOU BE WRONG..... 
since i bolas, for what i eat. why need i ALWAYS stay away from sugary foods

(sounds like what i did, for the PAST 45 years)..... im pumping now........

(i dont eat chocolate, but, you must have missed the passed few days)

heres my endo's number... please tell her, how clueless she is !!!!

(sorry folks... this one, just got to me.......)
maybe i had a DAE
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