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Re: [IP] paradigm silhouette infusion set to try

> Hello, sorry if this has been discussed to death, but
> I just got of the phone with Minimed and they won't
> send me a sample silhouette set to try unless I have a
> specific problem with the quick sets I have.  I
> haven't started pumping yet, so maybe the quick sets
> will be great, but I was just interested in getting a
> few sils to try.  
> They said it was too expensive to send me a sample. 
> Hm. Maybe my CDE can hook me up.  
> Thanks for listening!!
> Anna in Seattle
> soon to be pumping w/paradigm
> dx'd 5/80, age 12

No information, but I feel your pain.  Diabetes would be a breeze (well,
not really) to deal with if we didn't have to deal with pharmacists,
insurance companies, pump companies, and doctors!

Happy pumping!  I have the Paradigm, too.  It's not perfect, but I like


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