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Re: [IP] Re: Pre-filled Cartridges

How do you remove the air bubble that rose to the top?  Do you put the vial 
connector back on?

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>Subject: [IP] Re: Pre-filled Cartridges Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:24:37 EDT
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>You can set up your own "pre-fills" by filling the cartridges when you open 
>new bottle of insulin. Fill as many empty, new cartridges/syringes (it 
>be 3 or 4 of them, depending on how many units each one holds) with the
>insulin, and store them upright in the refrigerator until needed for a
>complete change out.  For the set up change, take one out of the frig a few
>hours before planned change, remove air bubble that rose to top, place into
>pump, attache tubing, prime tubing (remove air), insert site set, attach
>tubing, prime set with appropriate amount of air to clear air out of 
>set, start basal flow.  This can save a few minutes when doing a complete
>change out.
> > I have been following the "how long does it take to change your site" 
> >
> > and have noticed that a few of you use pre-filled cartridges in your 
> >
> > That is what takes me the longest to do! The site change is about 30
> > seconds
> > (swab and insert) but adding insulin to the reservoir and priming the 
> > is
> > much more of a hassle. Are these cartridges made for particular pumps? 
> >
> > insulin types are available in them?
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