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Re: [IP] Re: Who should be doing the work?

Linda and Dax.... I TOTALLY agree with what you are saying and it has been my 
own personal thought on this particular topic all alon.  Josh was dxd at age 
5.5, but he learned how to do BG checks right away for school.  As for site 
changes and other pump related stuff, he kn ows how to do it all, just from 
watching me do it.  He has had to do it because I wasn't around a few times 
and things needed to be done.  He was so proud of himself for being able to 
do it and I was very happy knowing that in a pinch he CAN do it.  
..........but, I'm glad I can still do these things for him because I know 
the day will come when I won't be able to.  He will be all grown up and away 
to school and on his own.  Right now this mom does anything and everything 
she can to help her VERY capable son with his diabetes (and ALL) stuff, 
because someday he will HAVE to do it for himself!!!!

mom to Joshua who is now 11.5
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