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Re: [IP] Fastest site change

It seems to be the biggest waste of your time to go hunt down the alcohol 
pads. What do you need those for? Antibacterial soap and water will do just 
fine! Nothing magic about the alcohol. Of course, if you are a "staph" 
carrier, then betadine would be good to clean the insertion site.  If 
allergic to iodine, avoid the betadine and a product like Hibiclens to clean. 
Hibiclens is a soap, so be sure to rinse it off and dry the area. Do not 
breath, cough, or spit on the insertion site after cleaning. This will help 
prevent site infections.


> This is fascinating to follow this discussion on the "Fastest site change"
> Here I go!
> Hunt for alcohol pads  20 minutes
> Go out to buy alcohol pads 60 minutes  ( have to look at electronics too!)
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