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[IP] Re: Pre-filled Cartridges

You can set up your own "pre-fills" by filling the cartridges when you open a 
new bottle of insulin. Fill as many empty, new cartridges/syringes (it might 
be 3 or 4 of them, depending on how many units each one holds) with the 
insulin, and store them upright in the refrigerator until needed for a 
complete change out.  For the set up change, take one out of the frig a few 
hours before planned change, remove air bubble that rose to top, place into 
pump, attache tubing, prime tubing (remove air), insert site set, attach 
tubing, prime set with appropriate amount of air to clear air out of infusion 
set, start basal flow.  This can save a few minutes when doing a complete 
change out.


> I have been following the "how long does it take to change your site" thread 
> and have noticed that a few of you use pre-filled cartridges in your pumps. 
> That is what takes me the longest to do! The site change is about 30 
> seconds 
> (swab and insert) but adding insulin to the reservoir and priming the pump 
> is 
> much more of a hassle. Are these cartridges made for particular pumps? What 
> insulin types are available in them?
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