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[IP] Re: Fastest site change (NOT)

Hmmm, let's see...  For reference, I use a DTron+ pump, and the Comfort
infusion sets.

1.  If the current cartridge is almost empty, start the night before:
a.  And I have no cartridges ready:  Fill 3 or 4 carts with Novolog.  Put
all but one in the fridge, leave the remaining one out at room temperature
somewhere the cats can't get at it.  (This step is a LOT faster now that I
use Novolog; when I was using Humalog I would combine with a little bit of
Regular for stability, and yes it made a difference)


b.  Take a prefilled cartidge out of the fridge, put it somewhere the cats
can't get at it.

(If the current cart has enough insulin, skip step 1 -- a 300 unit DTron
cartridge lasts me 9 or 10 days, I change sets every 3 or 4 days...)

2.  Go to bed.

3.  Wake up 4-10 hours later, depending on bedtime and today's schedule.
Chase cats off of me.  Groggily fetch newspaper, make coffee.  Read
newspaper in bathroom.  Take shower, shaving intended site area if needed,
and then cleaning the intended site area with apricot scrub to leave it
squeaky clean and smooth (all the better for tape adhesion, something I used
to have problems with)

4.  Get out of shower.  Dry off, chasing away cats that like to rub against
wet legs.

5.  Wipe intended infusion site with a betadine swab.

6.  While allowing betadine to dry:
a.  If the cartridge needs to be changed, put new cartridge in DTron+.  Plop
down adapter, connect new infusion set, prime.


b.  Open new infusion set.  Toss unnecessary tubing into the nightstand
drawer, which has quite a set of these.  Connect new Comfort "needle" to
current tubing, prime the ~0.5 units to see a drop come out (probably not
really a relevent step, but it makes me feel good)

7.  Now that the betadine is dry, remove excess with an alcohol swab.  While
waiting for that to dry, scoot cats out of the room if they've pushed the
door open.  If they haven't, do step 9 now for lack of anything better.

8.  Apply IV Prep, since it helps the set stick.

9.  While waiting for that to dry, take IV3000 pad and cut hole with X-Acto
knife to fit over infusion set.

10.  Jab Comfort in.  Put IV3000 over it.  Connect tubing, and bolus.

Anyone have a MORE elaborate a ritual than that? ;-)

"Don't tell the Elf..."
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