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Re: [IP] Re: Who should be doing the work?

 I think that there are times when it is nice to have someone else help - if
they are available. When on MDE my husband usually gave me my shot when we went
out to eat - we would sit down, I'd check, figure up correction (if any) and
what I needed for dinner, pull the shot - and then depending upon what I was
wearing I did it a little below my waist - or if that wasn't convenient - he
would take the syringe and give it to me in my arm - 10 seconds and done.

 He has not yet done an infusion site - but we plan on him learning - why? So
that I can use my butt - but I am going to have him do a ab one first so that I
can watch what he does - before he is "on his own". I know there are those of
you who use a butt or hip and do it yourself - I just can't quite twist to where
I can do that.

 The other thing I have him do is an occasional BG check. I will lay in bed (or
on the couch) and don't help him a bit - cuz if he is doing it - it's because
I'm incapacitated. It's different when you are trying to get someone elses hand
lined up with a strip. His standing instructions if he ever can't wake me up -
call 911, take a BG, please make me decent (if necessary) and since the fire
station is about a football fields distance away - he isn't going to have much

Linda & Dax
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