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Re: [IP] Cozmo Question

Yes, Ellen this is one weakness of the Cozmo that I didn't like when 
I first got it.  It is not clear why they set it up this way. 
However, there is a workaround, that i've gotten used to using.   It 
only requires one extra button push, although it complicates the 
history screen.  You just set the touch bolus for 0.5, then set it up 
for grams-carb boluses on the personalize "meal bolus" menu screen, 
with a 0.1 increment.  I use a setting of 1 U = 10 grams to make it 
easier.  Then when you do a regular bolus, you will first get the 
carb bolus screen for whatever you set it at, then when you hit next 
you'll get the units screen that you can set at whatever you want in 
0.1 U increments.
  Sounds complicated but once you do it once, it will be very easy.  I 
complained to Deltec, but they're not much different than other pump 
companies in what they do with user suggestions.

>My son is using the Cozmo for a 2 week trial.  He wishes that he could make
>the touch bolus in .5 increments per touch, while the regular screen bolus is
>.1 increments . Would anyone else like that feature?
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