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[IP] Lab Tests

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the advice on my fasting lab I had
done. I woke up with my bg in normal range around 90. I disconnected and took
my shower and when I left for the lab, it was 120. Got to the lab, rechecked
and it was 122. Not too bad. I'll let you all know how my labs and A1c turns
out next week when I have my appointment. I used to never be excited to have
an A1c done, but now I can't wait to get the results!! My last one was 6.0 in
february. According to my doc, that was wonderful! She was proud of me, even
though she didn't think I could do any better on a pump, than with shots! HA!
zof course that was last year she told me that, I think she's learned its not
always the case.
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