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Re: [IP] Re: Fastest site change

> I find it really hard to believe that someone can wash their hands, locate
> all their supplies, fill the cartridge with insulin, prime the tubing,
> the IV prep to dry, unwrap the new set and put in into the insertion
> insert the new set, prime the catheter, remove the old site (allowing time
> for the Remove or Uni-Solve to work, if you use them),  test their blood
> glucose, and then dispose of all the bits of paper and old materials in
> minute.  I challenge anyone on this.

I have thought the same thing, particularly when I read, "It takes me thirty
seconds or two minutes."  I automatically assume that they aren't counting a
lot of the time I AM counting, getting the supplies, exposing the area which
is often under clothes, throwing away the leftovers, and so on.

I think the time it takes should include all of the steps you mentioned,
unless, for some reason, they aren't done.  And if they aren't done, that
ought to be acknowledged, too.  Gathering supplies (Yes, even if you know
where they are stored, obviously) and throwing away trash and so on are all
steps that are NOT taken by a non diabetic/ non pumper.  So they are part of
the process.

Of course, when you are watching a year old baby toddle around getting into
stuff she shouldn't, or getting distressed over lack of attention, these
things take a little longer for some of us, too!  I'm not entering the
speedy contest.  I never liked races anyway.  I always lost!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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