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Re: [IP] evening snacks/pregnancy

>  Anyway, I know many replies will say, "NO WORRIES about being pregnant
> 30! I was pregnant after age 30 and had perfectly healthy kids!" But the
> facts and literature etc does state otherwise which seems logical. I mean
> there is a higher risk for non-D. women after age 30 then a D. woman over
> will have even MORE risks involved--just the facts.

I question whether or not a diabetic woman with good control of her diabetes
(A1c under 7.0) would be any higher than a non-diabetic.  From what I
understand, the risks are just about equal, provided that the A1c is under
good control.  There are higher risks for a diabetic who isn't under good
control.  This also assumes that she was under this good control beginning
six months prior to pregnancy.

If anyone knows of research to the contrary, I'd like to hear it.  (And I'm
not speaking of risks of large birth-weight babies or anything like that.
I'm talking about defects.)

I thought the risks were significantly higher at 35 and over.  I didn't know
it was risky at 30.  My daughter was born a few months after I turned 30.
(Yes, she was healthy, but I'm sure that my one birth at that age proves
nothing statistically.)  I hope to be able to maybe have another, and I'm
shooting for sooner than age 35.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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