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R [IP] Choosing an infusion set

One potential advantage of the simple choice (yet to be proven) is 
that the five catheters spread the insulin over a broader area closer 
to the skin surface.  This reduces what they call the insulin "depot" 
at the tip of the catheter.  This is a glob of a few units of insulin 
that equilibrates at every catheter site.  When you pull out an old 
site, this insulin gets absorbed at about the same rate as the new 
depot forms at the new site.  With the simple choice, there's less of 
a depot at each needle and so the insulin is supposed to work a bit 
faster.   We'll see hot this works, if they ever put it on the 
market.  Originally was to have been out in the spring, now late 
summer.  Who knows.

From: "Phoenix Becker" <email @ redacted>
>I peeked at the SimpleChoice from SpectRx and it seems pretty nifty. The
>SimpleChoice Patch with the five 2.5mm catheters and 360 degree rotation is
>different from the others I have seen. Does anybody have experience with this
>infusion set or other SimpleChoice products?
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