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RE: [IP] Who should be doing the work?

When Emily was dxd, she was 8.  I did all of her shots until she went to
camp the next summer.  We encouraged her to try, but didn't force her.
Camp Sweeney made it a big deal that she did her first shot and she was
proud of herself.  After that she pretty much took care of all her
shots.  But if she asked I did it for her.  I felt she had the rest of
her life to take care of herself, and if she needed my help once in
awhile I was there.  

With the pump though, (now going on week 2) doing it all herself was
part of the deal.  I watch over her, prompt her when she is wrong or
doesn't remember, but she does it all, from insertion to boluses.  
Teresa Federspiel
Mom of Emily dxd 10/00 Pumping 04/03

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Chris Saunders said:
>Disclaimer: I have no children. I have only ever
>taken care of my own diabetes.

I was Dx'd at 11 y/o.  My parents dropped me off at
the hospital (literally - I got out of the car in the
parking lot and they drove off.  I checked myself in
at the Admissions desk).  My parents showed up the
next day and a couple of times during the week I was
in the hospital.  It was and still is COMPLETELY up to
me. NO ONE has EVER given me an insulin injection
since Day #2 (that would be 2/16/72).

Now, I'm NOT endorsing the way my parents handled it
wayyyyy back then, but giving the kid responsibility
for the things they CAN do is what makes us
responsible diabetics.  (Yeah, yeah, some of you
AREN'T diabetic - just insulin-challenged. So, shoot
me.) LOL.

OTH, as long as the child (children in the case of
Lisa) know how to change their own sites and can do it
by themselves in a stressful/emergency situation when
mom or dad aren't around, then who cares if their
parent does it some of the time?

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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