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Re: [IP] Hairy chest alternatives to shaving

I'm moderately hairy... and i find that if i use clippers set to #1 
(approx 1/8 inch) that works perfectly. As long as the hair is less than 
1/4" i don't have a problem with sets sticking. Any longer than that and 
the insertion gets loose on the 2nd day. I also don't use tegaderm or 
anything. Good luck


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>Hello all.
>   I am having very uncomfortabel itch around my site.I have a hairh chest and
>shaved an area applied tegaderm 3000 and has the hair grows back it itches
>like nuts. I have tried aputting the Tegaderm 300 over the hair at first it
>doesnt itch but after a few hours of me moving I can feel it pull on my hair.
>Any body experiance this and if so what helped. would neet or some product
>work better? Thanks.
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