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Re: [IP] Fastest site change

This is fascinating to follow this discussion on the "Fastest site change"

Here I go!

Hunt for alcohol pads  20 minutes

Go out to buy alcohol pads 60 minutes  ( have to look at electronics too!)

Find out I don't have enough insulin to fill my Animas Cartridge (I always
know where the vial is, I just don't check to see how full it is.

Go out to buy more insulin.  60 minutes (Can't decide if I want that
software in the electronics department!)

On the way home I get a LOW BATTERY  warning.  I turn around and get
batteries from the electronics department.  20 minutes  (No sense in
browsing, I've done that twice now.

Gather up the rest of my supplies  10 minutes.  (I will get organized one of
these days!)

Swab and put the needle into the site and retract the needle 15 Seconds
(I'm using comforts)

Fill a cartridge with insulin  5 seconds  (I'm good at this part.

Connect the cannula and prime the pump 30 Seconds. My finger keeps slipping
off the prime button.

I'm ready!!!!

My count says 2 hours 50 minutes and 50 seconds!!!!

Does this make me a contender for one of the prizes?

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