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[IP] RE: A1c-weight loss

It's easy now for me to figure out why I lost weight when I started 
pumping. On MDI I used a long acting basal insulin. With my pump, I 
(obviously) don't.  With MDI I had the option of taking a high enough dose 
of basal insulin  to cover the times when I needed a lot of basal. This 
meant I had to eat a LOT to avoid lows during the times I needed minimal 
basal coverage. The alternative was to take a smaller amount of long-acting 
insulin  and run very high when I needed more basal. (rates vary from 0.1 
to 0.8/hr)
Of course I never figured this out til I started pumping. I was able to 
stop eating a LOT of extra calories just to cover my long acting basal 
insulin when I started pumping. I ate the same diet (minus the huge extra 
snacks) and lost 35 pounds in 6 or 8 months with no effort at all. I've 
kept this weight off  even though I now eat as much candy and other junk as 
I want. My A1c is the best it's ever been (was usually in the low 7s with 
MDI and in the mid 5s since starting to pump) without wide swings in 
bgs,  and I've stayed at my ideal weight for a year and a half.

> >>>I started on the paradigm 1/28/03 with a A1c of 8.1, went for follow up
>yesterday and A1c is now 6.4! What a difference pumping has made for me! The
>strangest thing though is that I have lost 14 pounds. Currently at 106,
>Eating good meals, better than before, my doctor said no more weight
>loss....I'm not trying to lose weight! Has this happened to others?
>Sally Pierce>>>
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