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Re: [IP] Fastest site change

> What do you have to do that could take 20 minutes?

Some of us are pretty slow at these things.

I think the thing that takes the longest for me is the preps that I use.  I
prep with Betadine, which I think does a better job of killing bacteria and
fighting infection than alcohol, wait for that to dry, then I use Skin Prep
(similar to IV prep, but I think makes the tape stick better) which also
must dry before insertion.

I also go fairly slowly about filling the reservoir in order to avoid air
bubbles, and I rarely do a change that doesn't involve that aspect of the

Finally, my 507, while it has NO rewind procedure, also doesn't prime the
infusion set, so I must do that myself before loading it into the pump.
Only then can I prime a little bit to make sure the driver arm is at the
exact right spot to make the insulin come out when I tell it to.

But, long story short, I have one speed at which I tend to do things --
slowly and deliberately.  I don't believe I could do a complete change in
less than five minutes if my life depended upon it.  It would be hard, with
two different wipes that need to dry, to do JUST the site change in that
amount of time.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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