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Re: [IP] stopping exercise b4 starting on the pump...

Thanks to everyone who replied to my original
post...You are all so great, I hope as I gain more
experience and actually start pumping, I can answer
some questions for you!

In retrospect, it now seems silly to think of changing
my whole routine just to get used to pumping!  I need
to fit the pump in and adjust it to my usual routine! 

I must have been having an anxious or maybe low blood
sugar moment when I submitted that question!

(see original post below:
I am scheduled for 'pump school' on May 7th and May
8th.  I currently take Lantus every night, and humalog
for meals and correction boluses.
I am wondering if I should stop exercising for a few
days to see the effect on my blood sugars?  I have
been exercising every day, and the few times I don't
manage to get my elliptical training in, I notice my
blood sugars creep up and my insulin doesn't work as
I am afraid I will have a hard time setting my basals
if I am exercising but I hate to give it up...

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?



(Type 1 for 23 years....soon to be pumping with the

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