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RE: [IP] evening snacks/pregnancy

Hi Kate!
 My previous endo and I had a big picture plan worked out for me and pregnancy.
This was back at the end of 1999 when I was 24.
 She was my new endo (my insurance had changed and I had to pick a new endo) and
at my 1st appt she asked if I planned on having children to which I said, YES!
 So, she said, "OK! Let's get you on the pump!" The next question was, "When did
I plan on starting a family?" and I told her preferably before I was 30. She
said that was a very good idea and we agreed around age 28 was ideal for me.
 I know this sounds a bit on the overplanning side but that's how it went for me
and pretty much that's the way it's turning out! Not really on purpose but it
has just worked out that way! I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with our first:-)
 Anyway, I know many replies will say, "NO WORRIES about being pregnant after
30! I was pregnant after age 30 and had perfectly healthy kids!" But the medical
facts and literature etc does state otherwise which seems logical. I mean if
there is a higher risk for non-D. women after age 30 then a D. woman over 30
will have even MORE risks involved--just the facts. I was just interested in
keeping my risk factors as low as possible!
That's my 2 cents!

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My hotmail was playing tricks on me, no message was sent, so I'll try
this again.2 questions for all you experts...
2)I'm almost 26, and just sort of looking at when my husband and I might start
a family.  We'd like to wait till our early 30s, but I was wondering if
there is any research about diabetic women needing to start earlier
(Because of the risk of birth defects for diabetics and also for women
over 35).  I was just curious.Thanks!Katedx T1 11/86, pmpg since 6/02
w/Novolog and my Animas R1000.
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