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Re: RE [IP] better infusion sets (another idea)

> If the cannula, was a bright color (not red... could be blood),
> but a bright green, or blue if i saw a "bright colored line" , i'd (we'd)
> a better indication, that it was bent.
> what-a-ya think .??

I personally really like this idea.  It is no coincidence that I really like
it the day after having two bent cannulas, each resulting in humongous highs
and ketones!  Even if you don't particularly like it, the goal would be for
the cannula to be invisible, UNLESS it is kinked above the surface of the

Wish someone with the power to do something about it were taking notes here.
One person happened to ask for ideas, but there have been way too many ideas
here to report them all, probably.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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