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Re: [IP] Choosing an infusion set

> Now for the next step, and thousand questions: How do you choose an
> set? Does anybody have any tips on a cost effective way to try some of the
> available sets?

Yeah, there is a very "cost effective" way to do it.  Call the manufacturers
and ask for samples!  Rumor has it that MM is charging for samples.
Hopefully they will change their minds about that, and soon.  It is worth
asking them, too.  That's how I tried the Silhouette.  Most manufacturers
will send you samples free for the asking.  Another possibility is
exchanging some with a CDE or someone like that in your endo's office.
Sometimes even the sales reps will offer you samples.

> I have read most of the message regarding improvement of infusion sets and
> seems as if there is not a perfect one and everybody has their own
> preferences. What specifically makes you prefer one infusion set over

When you look at the infusion choices listed on the About IP page, it would
appear that the MOST popular type of infusion set is the angled ones (the
Silhouette/Tender/Comfort).  This is likely because they can go in areas
with a shallower amount of fat because you don't have to go very deep.

Personally, I prefer the Ultraflex, which is the 90 degree one offered by
Disetronic, but I do occasionally use the angled ones for areas that would
be uncomfortable if it went in too deeply.  It is a matter of personal

Do you want to use an inserter, so that all you have to do is push a button
and it goes right in?  Then MM infusion sets are the ones to use, although I
understand Animas is going to have one eventually for their angled one, and
the one the Nipro company is making will be compatible with inserters
already available.

I used the Sof-Sets with a Sof-serter for years.  The inserters, I think,
are more likely to make it pain free than manual insertion, although
especially with the angled ones, using the device can present its own
difficulties.  The problem is that I quickly became dependant upon the
serter.  When I first started pumping, they offered no inserters, so I did
it free-hand, but after a while, I somehow forgot how.  The inserter was,
for me, easy to misplace, and I'd have to hunt for it when I needed to do
the site change.  One time I left it at my mother-in-law's 500 miles away.
That kind of thing is a hassle.

Then I tried the Ultraflex.  Dis. advertises that their infusion sets are so
easy to use you don't NEED an inserter.  I found this to be true.  They are
less likely to snag on your skin on the way in, because the cannula is
tapered.  They are slightly more painful than using an inserter usually is,
but it is generally, IMO, more convenient.

But, as you observed with the thread on improving them, what works best for
me isn't the same as what works best for you.  Some prefer a pretty short
cannula, and if that is your preference, MM makes some only 6mm long
(Sof-Sets and Quick-Sets).

More than likely, you will simply have to try a few and decide on that basis
what you prefer, but I'd guess that hearing from others who have preferences
and reasons for those preferences helps, too.  Good luck.

> I peeked at the SimpleChoice from SpectRx and it seems pretty nifty. The
> SimpleChoice Patch with the five 2.5mm catheters and 360 degree rotation
> different from the others I have seen. Does anybody have experience with
> infusion set or other SimpleChoice products?

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but aren't these not available just
yet?  My impression was that these were "in the works" but not yet on the
market.  I'd expect a few people here will try them out and get back to us
with their experiences when they do come out.  That Patch definitely does
look interesting.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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