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Re: [IP] stopping exercise b4 starting on the pump...


As the others said, don't quit exercising.  But DO be aware that your basals
and even, possibly, your insulin to carb ratios during meals timed close to
usual exercise may require some fine tuning on those occasions when you
can't fit the exercise in.

I think, though, that if it is your routine, an occasional high while
figuring that out would be better than fine tuning non-exercise doses that
will be all wrong once you add exercise back in.

Any activity that is a part of your routine would probably be best included
in the pump start.  I know when I was employed, I could have used multiple
basal rates.  (At the time there was no such thing) because I needed
different amounts on days off than I did on work days.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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