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Re: [IP] Re: Fastest site change

I wouldn't think so either..the person who'd be able
to do all that SHOULD have a place in the Guiness Book
of World Records!(which,speaking of that,someone does
have a (insulin)injection record in there...)I could
do a set change or a resevoir fill/switch in less then
a minute,but not both.One comment..wouldn't you test a
couple hours after you'd changed the set,not
immeadiently following.(why test immeadiently after?)
       -Heidi(who celebrates 2 years of pumping
today(till death or cure do us part..) and remembers
her first set change,(practice)which took about 45
minutes and left the dumb needle in for an hour
more(out of ignorance) till the site started to get
very sore!)
> > I find it really hard to believe that someone can
> wash their 
> > hands, locate 
> > all their supplies, fill the cartridge with
> insulin, prime the 
> > tubing, allow 
> > the IV prep to dry, unwrap the new set and put in
> into the 
> > insertion device,  
> > insert the new set, prime the catheter, remove the
> old site 
> > (allowing time 
> > for the Remove or Uni-Solve to work, if you use
> them),  test their 
> > blood 
> > glucose, and then dispose of all the bits of paper
> and old 
> > materials in one 
> > minute.  I challenge anyone on this.  
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