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RE [IP] Fastest site change

OH... just the site.... 10 - 14 seconds....
(its one of those things, in life, that, for me, the quicker they're over, 
the better)

did i see 20 minutes?...... maybe if i were to include the morning paper 
(which i dont read),
breakfast (which i dont eat), and washing of the car (which i dont do)..

someone tell me about this leaving the site in thing ??

I have, as recently as yesterday,  had some real problems....

i wake at 114,
i change the site. (and yes. i prime it)
an hour later im 220 (i DO  NOT TOUCH the site.... its NOT bad, or kinked)...
I do the normal correction amount, to drop 100...... (based on ME)...
2 hours later... im 120......
this does not happen on a NON-SITE-CHANGE day, so, it not my basal....

any ideas are much appreciated... on or off list

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