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Re: [IP] evening snacks/pregnancy

I have this problem too.  If I eat later than 8pm, and if there is a high
fat content in whatever I'm eating, I end up high in the morning.

Typically, I'll increase my basal rate using a Temp Basal to adjust
for the effect of the late eating.  It's usually not a problem now.


--- Kate Fassett <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My hotmail was playing tricks on me, no message was sent, so I'll try
> this again.2 questions for all you experts...1)Does anyone else
> experience morning highs when they have a snack after 8 or 9 pm?  It
> doesn't seem to matter that I go to bed at 100, if I've had any type of
> snack (that I bolused for of course) in the evening, I wake up around
> 250.  This doesn't happen when I eat an earlier dinner.  I know, I know,
> why not just not eat earlier?  The problem is that I'm in grad school
> taking night classes and sometimes it's so much easier to come home and
> have dinner then.  Any advice or information about why that happens?2)I'm
> almost 26, and just sort of looking at when my husband and I might start
> a family.
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