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[IP] Fastest site change

Geez.....I can relate to this!  Amelia tries it herself and then I get to
put the site in if she can't.  We have made progress but in the beginning
site changes took forever.  I still change Amelia's while she is sleeping
alot unless the site has blocked off and the change is needed right
away.  It gives her a break from the anxiety of the s.c. and saves time
and stress on me!

Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, 9 1/2, D1-00 P 12-00

> <<ok... i got to chime in...
> under 2 minutes, including all the tubing, new cartridge, and

Okay, I have to chime in here too!  Do you adults realize what it is like
changing a child's site???  Record time for us might be 10 minutes.  But
often it is 45 minutes, longest would probably be about one hour.   We do
use EMLA cream, just persuasion.  But it sure beats spending tons of time
times a day to get an injection in!!  (Third needle was done after she
asleep, thus was quick).  Now I know lots of parents will say they get
done quickly.  Well, good for you, you don't have a strong-willed
child, you are lucky.  I'm just banking that these traits will serve her
in the future, there has to be some salvation. 



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