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Re: [IP] Re: Fastest site change

I've never seen a site change take 15 minutes.

What part do you find takes the longest?

I find the reservoir filling takes the longest, So I follow these steps

Apply IV Prep
Remove Infusion Set and Tubing
Rewind my Paradigm
During Rewind Fill reservoir
Choose 100U Insulin and confirm
Attach Tubing and insert into pump
Prime (usually takes 5 units)
Insert New Infusion set, (I use a serter)
and then a manual prime.


Total time, 5 minutes.

Mind you I carry all my supplies for the pump together in one spot so I am 
not looking for my supplies all over the house :-)


Anyone asking how I avoid a lot of waste on prime is the waste of insulin 
when I fill the reservoir. I pull the plunger/seal down until it sticks out 
past the bottom of the reservoir. Insert the reservoir and viola! Tubing 
primed or almost primed :-)

> >>>I find it really hard to believe that someone can <snip> remove the old
>site . . .  in one minute. >>>

I agree it takes about 1-2 seconds to grab the infusion line and yank the 
thing off. :-)

>I agree, but some of the minute(s) can be reduced for those of us who leave
>the old site in for a couple of hours to let it fully absorb any insulin
>before interrupting it. YMMV
>Jan - who uses about 12-15 min. for a site change even after almost 20
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