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RE: [IP] Fastest site change

 I just sent my reply to this and then caught up on everyone else's responses. I
had a feeling this confusion would arise surrounding the original question WHICH
 I took this to mean JUST THE SITE--the infusion site...not the whole insulin
cartridge/tubing/priming/site change! Although maybe some can do it in a minute
or two.
 As I said a MERE INFUSION SITE CHANGE takes me at most 1 minute to 1.5 minutes.
I just Wipe with an IP Prep, pull out the infusion needle (I use Disetronic
Tenders) and put it in, pull out my old site, replug and bolus 1 unit and DONE!
This I do once a week.
 A COMPLETE SET CHANGE, which I do once a week (that totals 2 INFUSION SITE
changes per week) takes a bit longer since you have several more steps to do!
But, like Len, I use prefilled insulin cartridges WHICH I LOVE! and a FULL SET
change take me no more than 4-5 minutes! Priming the tube takes the longest but
while it's priming I change my INFUSION SITE and that has cut down on my time a
lot too.

 I just had to put my clarifying 2 cents in there b/c it sounds like some people
are referring to "SITE CHANGES" as changing the whole thing rather than just
changing the INFUSION SITE. My terminology is SET CHANGES (the whole bigger
change) and SITE CHANGES (the quicky).


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Barbara who is claire's mom said about changing sites:
>wash their hands, locate all their supplies, fill the
>cartridge with insulin, prime the tubing, allow the
>IV prep to dry, unwrap the new set and put in into
>the insertion device,  insert the new set, prime the
>catheter, remove the old site (allowing time for the
>Remove or Uni-Solve to work, if you use them),  test
>their blood glucose, and then dispose of all the bits
>of paper and old materials in one minute. 

I couldn't do all that in one minute - but then I
don't do ALL those steps either.  lessee - here's what
I manage to do to change my site:

Set my pump to retract.  Grab the already filled
insulin reservoir out of the fridge.  Attach the new
tubing to it.  Drop the new res into the pump & hit
prime. Rip out my existing set while I grab the new
one with the other hand.  Open it.  Wipe some IV Prep
on my stomach.  Fan it with my hand for about a 1/2 a
second, plop the new one in (NOT WITH AN INSERTER -

Why would I want to wash my hands?  I do it after I
get out of the shower.  My hands are clean already.

Why do I have to "search" for my supplies?  They are
all in one dresser in my bedroom.  I am NOT an
organized person, but I have ALL my diabetes stuff
where I (& Robert) can find it RIGHT NOW.

Why would I bother to look for the bits of paper?  As
I opened stuff and ripped stuff out, I'm standing
right over the trash can.

My SITE changes take me about 10 seconds.  Wipe my
tummy with stuff. Open the package.  Put it in.  Done.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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