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[IP] re: A1c - wieght loss / gain

>>> I think generally insulin pump therapy causes weight gain in most
But I also lost weight, about 16 pounds in 6 months or so.  I am pretty sure
its because of Heightened carbo awareness and re-doubling efforts at eating
right and excercising........>>>

About 20 years ago two young men got pumps before I did and they each gained
35 pounds. I had a dilemma - gain the weight or face eventual double
amputation due to my severe neuropathy in my feet and legs. I chose to pump
cuz it would be easier to buy larger clothes than to NOT buy shoes!!

Well, I did have to buy new clothes - smaller due to the 20# weight loss.
Then it was explained to me that the guys gained and I lost cuz our bodies
were more in tuned to what they were supposed to be (like a non-DMer) with
the better insulin adjustments. That was back in the days when I had had one
shot of NPH/Reg a day for 31 years, then two shots a day for two years.
Today the treatment is mostly MDI (Multiple Daily Injections). I never did
that - had SDI and DDI. ;-)  So perhaps the weight gains today are due to
more freedom with carb-counting since it would require another injection for
each mouth entry. A bolus is easier to do.

BTW, my neuropathy has greatlyyyyyyy subsided.

Some of us also have/had fewer hypos to (over)treat resulting in a calorie
reduction. YMMV

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