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Re: [IP] Re: Fastest site change

> I find it really hard to believe that someone can wash their hands, locate 
> all their supplies, fill the cartridge with insulin, prime the tubing, allow 
 > the IV prep to dry, unwrap the new set and put in into the insertion device,
> insert the new set, prime the catheter, remove the old site (allowing time 
> for the Remove or Uni-Solve to work, if you use them),  test their blood 
> glucose, and then dispose of all the bits of paper and old materials in one 
> minute.  I challenge anyone on this.  

I can break down mine, if you are really interested:

Hand washing, over-rated. Don't do it before testing, before inserting. 
Never had any problems, going on my 10th year now.

All my supplies are located in the bathroom linen closet. All of them.

It takes all of about 30 seconds to fill a resovoir and prime the tubing, 
I've done a few of them :)

As for removing the old site, I just pull. I take it off like I take off a 
band-aid, just yank and it's gone.

Garbage is also in the bathroom, it all goes there.

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