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Re: [IP] A1c - weight loss

I, too have gained weight after going on the pump, about 7 pounds. I am
trying to be careful to not gain anymore.  I only lost weight if my blood
sugars were running on the high side, which was the norm before I went on
the pump, but high sugar doesn't seem to be  what is causing your
problem.  Did your doctor have any idea why you would be losing weight? 
I wish I could give you some of mine, I would like to lose about 15
pounds. I started pumping in January and have a doctors appt on May 12,
hope I get a good A1c result. I know I feel alot better. Take Care, Julie

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> > >>>I started on the paradigm 1/28/03 with a A1c of 8.1, went for
follow up > > yesterday and A1c is now 6.4! What a difference pumping has
made for me! > > The > > strangest thing though is that I have lost 14
pounds. Currently at 106, > > 5'5", > > Eating good meals, better than
before, my doctor said no more weight > > loss....I'm not trying to lose
weight! Has this happened to others? > > > >I gained weight after going
on the pump. There was more opportunity to eat >using a pump than when I
was on shots. My last a1c was 6.7. > >Kathie
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