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[IP] Choosing an infusion set

email @ redacted writes:
>I peeked at the SimpleChoice from SpectRx and it seems pretty nifty. The
>SimpleChoice Patch with the five 2.5mm catheters and 360 degree rotation is
>different from the others I have seen. Does anybody have experience with this
>infusion set or other SimpleChoice products?
  For those of us who are thin pumpers the SimpleChoice patch is the holy grail
of infusion sets. Unfortunately it is scheduled to come out some time this year
but seems to be moving slowly. Most thin pumpers seem to prefer a 90 degree
infusion set
 with a short cannula like the 6mm Quicksets. Other thin pumpers have good
results inserting Sils at a shallow angle. You have to try sets and see what
works. Most pump companies will send you some free samples if you call and ask.
I think
 infusion sets like the Sils are supposed to be less likely to dislodge than the
shorter 90 degree infusion sets. Animas, MM, and Desetronic all sell the same
infusion set under the brand names Comfort, Silhouette, and Tender. Only the
works with the MM insertion device though.
Best of Luck,
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