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[IP] Re: Shingles

This was on our local radio station:

by KYW's Dr. Brian McDonough
(04/21/03) The common name is "shingles." The medical term is Herpes zoster. 
Shingles is actually caused by a reactivation of an old chicken pox 
infection. The virus remains in the nerves, in a part called the dorsal root 
Shingles is rare before the age of ten but it occurs more often in people 
over 50. 
The eruption is usually associated with a sensation like itching, pain, or 
even tingling. Eventually the lesions, which look like chicken pox, appear. 
There are treatments available -- antiviral drugs that if given early in the 
course, can make a difference. The drugs can reduce the length of time and 
severity of shingles. 

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