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Re: [IP] low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Come on Jim, I know your a smart guy with access to anything you 
want.  But it's a bit like asking for a reference to show that BG 
increases when you eat sugar. Well not quite ;-), but it's so common 
an observation (dating back to the 1960s) that one doesn't always 
know where to find the best one that will show it.  Anyway, if you 
are still interested, here's a few very recent articles that deal 
with mechanisms underlying diet induced thermogenesis:

betaAR signaling required for diet-induced thermogenesis and obesity 
Bachman ES, Dhillon H, Zhang CY, Cinti S, Bianco AC, Kobilka BK, 
Lowell BB. Science 2002 Aug 2;297(5582):843-5  with comment in: 
Science. 2002 Aug 2;297(5582):780-1.

A three-day insulin-induced normoglycemia improves carbohydrate 
oxidation in type 2 diabetic subjects. Rigalleau V, Rabemanantsoa C, 
Gin H. Metabolism 2002 Nov;51(11):1484-8

Energy restriction with protein restriction increases basal 
metabolism and meal-induced thermogenesis in rats.
Even PC, Bertin E, Gangnerau MN, Roseau S, Tome D, Portha B. Am J 
Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2003 Mar;284(3):R751-9

>  Jim, there's lots of research documentation for DIT.  You can look
>  specific articles up yourself, and there are many in the very best
>  journals.
<<<<<<<It's customary when making a claim to provide the references rather than
tell the reader to seek them out themselves.  It's just good scholarship.
Jim Handsfield>>>>>>>>
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