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Re: [IP] A1c

>I started on the paradigm 1/28/03 with a A1c of 8.1, went for follow up
>yesterday and A1c is now 6.4! What a difference pumping has made for 
>me! The
>strangest thing though is that I have lost 14 pounds. Currently at 
>106, 5'5",
>Eating good meals, better than before, my doctor said no more weight
>loss....I'm not trying to lose weight! Has this happened to others?
>Sally Pierce

First of all, congrats on the A1c.  :-)  

But as far as losing weight...yes, that happened to me...though not 
nearly as dramatically.  

I've weighed 154 lbs since high school.  I've never varied more than a 
pound in either direction in the more than 10 years since then.  
However, once I started pumping, my first appointment I was down to 
152.  My most recent appointment (8 months post-pump) I was down to 
almost 150.  I've since tried to eat "worse" in order to prevent losing 
anymore weight.  It is rather odd, since around age 30 is when most men 
tend to put on some additional weight.  My activity level hasn't 
changed, so I'm guessing it has to do with having far fewer lows, and 
therefore not snacking as much to treat them.  

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