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[IP] Choosing an infusion set


Thanks to everyone who has answered my previous question, as well as those who
e-mailed me off list and gave some advise. After a lot of deliberating,
tossing and turning during the night and reading everything I could find
regarding pump choices, I have finally made a decision as to which pump I will
be best for me. Hopefully the pump will be in my hands, and on my side, before
too long!

Now for the next step, and thousand questions: How do you choose an infusion
set? Does anybody have any tips on a cost effective way to try some of the
available sets?

I have read most of the message regarding improvement of infusion sets and it
seems as if there is not a perfect one and everybody has their own
preferences. What specifically makes you prefer one infusion set over another?

I peeked at the SimpleChoice from SpectRx and it seems pretty nifty. The
SimpleChoice Patch with the five 2.5mm catheters and 360 degree rotation is
different from the others I have seen. Does anybody have experience with this
infusion set or other SimpleChoice products?


diagnosed 1982
hopefully pumping before my birthday in May!
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