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[IP] low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Jim, there's lots of research documentation for DIT.  You can look 
specific articles up yourself, and there are many in the very best 
clinical journals.  A pubmed search of 'diet induced thermogenesis' 
will give you over 500 to read if you really are interested.  It's 
really not as simple as you would like to believe.

    And while you are correct that the long term effects of high 
protein diets have not been studied, that argument could equally well 
be used by those in favor of such diets.  For people with healthy 
functional kidneys, there's no evidence that high protein diets like 
the Atkins diet are bad.   Whether people stick to a particular diet 
is quite a separate issue.  The fact is that if they can stick to the 
Atkins diet, they do quite well, and can even have better blood 
p.s. i for one would not like the Atkins diet, but everything i've 
read would suggest to me that the less insulin one needs or uses the 
healthier one will be.

>  But that is not real life.   When you eat more it is well known that
>  you also burn more, a process known as DIT, diet induced
>  thermogenesis.

<<<<<<<The chemistry maybe, but not the effect on weight loss.  For 
weight loss, it
really is pretty simple - expend more calories than you consume.

What is the research documentation for this process?>>>>>>>>

>  And even more
>  surprising was a presentation at the November, 2002 American Heart
>  Association meeting, which showed that people on the Atkins diet with
>  unlimited fat intake had as good blood lipids as those on the AHA
>  diet.  The AHA was so worried about that abstract that they had to
>  issue a statement saying that this was only one paper, and that the
>  AHA did not approve of the Atkins diet.

<<<<<<<<<You're overlooking that the long term effects of high protein diets on
kidneys, overall muscle loss (including the potential of heart muscle
reduction) has not been studied.  And, in the long run, people do not stick
to such limited diets, and when they return to previous eating patterns, the
weight comes back on.  A well balanced diet may be much more varied and
therefore remain interesting.>>>>>>>>>>
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