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Re: [IP] Doctor in Ohio


There is a list of physicians that are recommended by pumpers on the list.

Go to www.inulin-pumpers.org.  Down towards the bottom of the page is
Physicians Referral.

Sorry, couldn't find anything in Mansfield.  But Columbus and Cleveland have
recommended doctors.

I used to be a case manager.  So anything to help someone else out in the
trenches is my pleasure.

Please let me know if you find what you are looking for.  Private mail is


> Hi - I have  a client in Mansfield, Ohio who is disabled and needs an Endo
> or MD familiar with insulin pumps who accepts Medicaid.  Anything closer
> than Cleveland or Columbus would be great.  If you know any physician who
> meets that criteria, please let me know.
> Thanks
> Kathy
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