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Re: [IP] Re: School Help Needed ASAP!!! Compromised Immune


We have found high school to be much less involved than middle school - 
which may be a good thing in your case. I had to push them to get 
someone to be trained in glucagon. Jenny (9th grade) has extra supplies 
stored in the nurse's office and we went in at the beginning of the 
school year so she could meet the nurse. Otherwise, Jenny's 504 gives 
her permission to check glucose, bolus or eat snacks as needed and she 
has had no other contact with the nurse.

The nurse was a little obsessive about have a sliding scale in the 
office for corrections and was offended when I said "It's not that 
simple.  You have to take into account unused insulin, hormones, 
exercise and recent snacks." Finally, I convinced her that Jenny can 
handle it on her own

Strangely, in a school of nearly 2000, Jenny is the only known kid with 
diabetes. I'm sure that is not true. Either other families are not 
providing very good care, or they don't want to hassle with the health 

The district nurse, however, was wonderful about training Jenny's 
teachers, coaches and the security guards to recognize the signs of 
hypos and what to do.

Good luck. I hope your high school is in a different district so you can 
start over fresh.


>As far as school,  well we only have another full year in this building
>he heads for the highschool.    At least there no one will be looking over
>his shoulder and he'll be freer to bolus for corrections as needed.     I do
>plan to attempt to slip back in mid-morning corrections in the health care
>plan for next year,  but expect to have it caught by the Nazi Nurses!
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